Export MySQL database with a GTID

This week I was trying to migrate a single database from MySQL 8 server with replication to my local MariaDB installation (no replica) and I got this error: And when I tried to import the dumped file, I got this error: I Google it to understand the error and I found is about GTID which … Read more

Livewire Checkboxes with wire:model don’t work

Recently I found with this issue on Livewire when I add an property to a wire:model as an array of ids it automatically transform the content into integers. After clicking on the checkboxes it become something like this: The issue is caused by the Javascript compare for Array.includes() where 1 == “1” returns false. Here … Read more

Install php-redis extension in Mac with Homebrew

Today I’ve been trying the Monica package and it requires the redis.so extension. I started installing using PECL binary for the PHP version I’m using: That’s it, this should be copying redis.so to the loading modules directory. Troubleshooting Library not loaded: libreadline.7.dylib If you see this error when running the PECL to install redis: You … Read more