Developing for bbPress

Use the bbPress Git repository to search functions or hooks, and specially useful if you are looking for something inside the templates: bbPress Database bbPress use the same tables as WordPress using Custom Post Types to do the forums, topics and replies. Checkout in the docs for most details.

Hook after subscription added to cart for Woocommerce Subscriptions

During this week I’ve been working on a special feature for one client’s store and found this useful hooks in the Woocommerce Subscriptions plugin, so I want to share what I’ve learned. If you want to do something after a subscription is added, you can use any of this four hooks: woocommerce_setup_cart_for_subscription_initial_payment woocommerce_setup_cart_for_subscription_renewal woocommerce_setup_cart_for_subscription_resubscribe woocommerce_setup_cart_for_subscription_switch … Read more

WC Subscriptions resubscribe and renewal helper functions

On Woocommerce Subscriptions there two important strategies related to subscriptions, renewals vs resubscribing. A renewal stands for a current subscription in active or on-hold status that can accept a payment to remain active or return to active. On the other side we have the resubscribe for subscriptions that are finished, on status like expired, cancelled … Read more

Guía para generar botones Paypal

Esta es una API muy antigua pero todavía funciona muy bien y sirve bien para proyectos sencillos donde necesitas cobrar por suscripciones y con la posibilidad de automatizar usando Paypal IPN (Instant Payment Notifications). Paypal permite hacer botones para: Pagar ahora Suscripciones Donaciones Un ejemplo sencillo de como se puede crear un botón de pagar … Read more

Export MySQL database with a GTID

This week I was trying to migrate a single database from MySQL 8 server with replication to my local MariaDB installation (no replica) and I got this error: And when I tried to import the dumped file, I got this error: I Google it to understand the error and I found is about GTID which … Read more

Livewire Checkboxes with wire:model don’t work

Recently I found with this issue on Livewire when I add an property to a wire:model as an array of ids it automatically transform the content into integers. After clicking on the checkboxes it become something like this: The issue is caused by the Javascript compare for Array.includes() where 1 == “1” returns false. Here … Read more